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Pettit Throws No-Hitter To Start Sweep Against Jefferson

Pettit Throws No-Hitter To Start Sweep Against Jefferson

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. – The Finger Lakes Community College Baseball team grabbed their first sweep in Regional play on Saturday against the Jefferson Community College Cannoneers. The Lakers shut out the Cannoneers 15-0 in five innings.

Game One

Scoring for the Lakers started off in the first inning. Omar Rosa singled to get on base. Rosa then moved to second on a fielder's choice from Al Xapsos's contact. Rosa then stole third, and Xapsos was right behind him in the double steal to second. John Genau ripped single to score both Rosa and Xapsos, giving him two RBI's. The inning ended 2-0.

After a quick 1-2-3, at the top of the second, the Lakers scored some more runs. Aaron Shoemaker started off the inning getting walked. Bryan Santiago-Speranza followed, putting runners on first and second base. After a double steal by the both of them, Tanner Cooper doubled, scoring them both, earning two RBI's. Chris Gresham came up later, and drew a walk, putting him on first. Jarrod Williams then reached first on an error which advanced Gresham to second, and scored Cooper. This gave Williams an RBI. Shortly after, Genau was walked, moving Williams to second, and Gresham to third. Lukas Haefner followed in Genaus footsteps walking, which scored Gresham from third. After a pitching change from the Cannoneers, Shoemaker walked again, which scored Williams. The final scoring play of the inning happened just after, as Santiago-Speranza singled, scoring Haefner and Genau, earning him two RBI's. This would bring the score to 9-0.

The third inning was a quick one, as neither team scored any runs. The bottom of the fourth started with a double from Williams. AJ Nestler came in to relieve Williams as his pinch runner. Genau hit the second double of the inning, and scored Nestler. Haefner walked, and so did Shoemaker. Dylan Briggs came in as a pinch hitter for Cooper, and used his opportunity to hit a single to score Genau who was on third. Rosa reached first on a fielder's choice, which scored Haefner. Then Xapsos singled and scored Shoemaker. Gresham came up with another walk to score Briggs. Finally, Genau drew a walk to score Rosa. The left this inning with a score of 15-0, which would then end the game.

Game leaders for the Lakers were Cooper going 1-2, with a double, two RBI's, and scoring one run, Williams going 1-3, with a double, an RBI, and scoring one run, Genau going 2-2, with a double, four RBI's, and scoring two runs.

Lewis Pettit started on the mound for the Lakers. He pitched all five innings. After facing 19 batters, Pettit threw a no-hitter, only walking three batters, and striking out six.

Game Two

In game two of the double header, the Cannoneers managed to score some runs, and make the Lakers answer back.

The scoring started in the top of the second inning. Zach Scannell started the inning getting hit by a pitch to put him on first. Dakota Deasy then walked, putting runners on both first and second base. Javier Pagan came up with two outs, and ripped a triple to score both Deasy and Scannell.

The Lakers came into the bottom of the second ready to answer back those two runs. Devin Kelly started the inning off on a one-out triple. Nestler came up after and walked, putting runners on first and third base. On a double steal, Nestler made it to second, and Kelly scored making the deficit 2-1. Cooper came up to bat with two outs, and ripped himself a triple that scored Nestler. This would end the second inning 2-2.

The Cannoneers wanted their shot at a win, and scored again in the third inning. Jason Kavanaugh started off the inning reaching first on an error. Hunter Holliday hit a double to place runners on second and third base. Kevin Kapfer came up right after and grounded out, scoring Kavanaugh.

The Lakers scored their own runs in the third as well. Zach Harter and Gresham started out the bottom of the inning with walks. There were now runners on first and second base. Genau singled, loading the bases for Haefner. Haefner singled scoring both Gresham and Harter, and moved Genau to third. Kelly came up and singled too, which scored Genau. After a pitching change from the Cannoneers, Nestler jumped on the single bandwagon, and scored Haefner. Santiago-Speranza singled, loading the bases again for the Lakers. Cooper came up and hit a sacrifice fly to score Kelly. Making their way around the batting order, Harter came up again, but this time he singled, scoring Nestler. This finished the scoring for the third inning, making the score 8-3.

The Lakers scored another run in the fourth inning. It started with Kelly making it on base due to an error, and taking second. Nestler then hit a single to score Kelly. After a shorter inning, the score was now 9-3.

Holding the Cannoneers again, in the fifth inning, Santiago-Speranza started it off by walking. Cooper doubled and moved Santiago-Speranza to third. Then Rosa grounded out, still managing to score Santiago-Speranza. That was it for the fifth inning, making the score now 10-3.

The sixth inning was where the Cannoneers really found their bats. Deasy made his way on base with a single. He found his way to second on a passed ball. Derek Cuyler came up after and singled, moving Deasy to third. Juarlyn Abreu singled as well, and this would score Deasy, and move Cuyler to third. Pagan hit into a fielder's choice that scored Cuyler. Finally, Anthony Martinez hit a ball that was just missed in the outfield. It scored both Pagan, and himself.

Even though it was a big inning for the Cannoneers, the Lakers were still hungry for more. They started the bottom of the sixth with a walk by Genau. He would steal second while Haefner was up to bat. Haefner then singled and put Genau on third. Haefner stole second as well, then Williams singled, scoring both Genau and Haefner. Nestler found his way onto first due to an error, which advanced Williams to second. Santiago-Speranza walked, how the bases were loaded. Cooper came up to hit a deep double to left field, scoring Williams and Nestler. With one out, Harter singled, scoring Santiago-Speranza, and advancing Cooper to third. Gresham hit himself a single, and scored Cooper. This would do it for the sixth inning, and the game. The Lakers won 16-7.

Game leaders for the Lakers were Cooper who went 3-4, with two doubles and a triple, four RBI's, and scoring one run, Neslter who went 2-3, had two RBI's, scoring three runs, and Kelly who went 2-3, with a triple, one RBI, and scoring three runs.

Colin Pytlak started on the mound for the Lakers. He pitched five innings, earning him the win. He faced 21 batters, allowing three hits, two earned runs, two walks, and struck out six batters.