Soccer – International Summer Camp Creating Positive Buzz at Finger Lakes

Soccer – International Summer Camp Creating Positive Buzz at Finger Lakes

CANANDAIGUA -- The inauguration of the first-ever Finger Lakes Community College men's and women's International Summer Soccer Camp took place on Monday (Aug. 6) amid a sunny and pleasant summer afternoon on the grounds of the Canandaigua campus. The camp, which is run and operated by an elite group of coaches stemming from the United States to Europe, is already being dealt a positive vibe.

The first-year cast of campers, which consists of men and women ranging from ages 14-20, are being granted a heavy dosage of superb coaching stemming from FIFA licensed coaches (and trainers of the game for Add + Soccer, a soccer training organization) Antonio Barea, Oscar Felipe Larralde, and Jose Antonio Martinez of Spain, to Finger Lakes CC first-year men's soccer coaches Brent Conley (head) and David Garcia (assistant). The cast of Barea, Larralde, Martinez, Conley, and Garcia, launched camp on Monday with the goal of delivering a week full of fun for the attending campers.

Upon conclusion of day's one, two, and three of camp, the coaching staff was pleased to see that the interest level of the sport stands very high among camp attendees. According to the entire coaching staff, "the campers are demonstrating a phenomenal ability to learn and not only that; they are fun to work with." 

Barea, Larralde, and Martinez made their journey to Upstate New York to join Conley and Garcia in the first year of this camp to preach the finer scenarios of the sport -- meaning they would like camp attendees to learn how to improve their way of thinking in game situations. In order to get these individuals to improve their cognitive thoughts during games, the coaching staff has implemented a format for the duration of camp known as the team model. This model is centered on breaking down all of the possible scenarios that could take place in a 90-minute (or longer) soccer match. More specifically, the staff is utilizing film room sessions as well as live play on the field to preach ways in which camp goers can read the game more easily.

Barea, Larralde, Martinez, Conley, and Garcia, are dedicating their time at Finger Lakes CC this week for the sole purpose of improving the individual psyche of each camper on the field. Each of them strongly believes that in order to create a successful product on the field, it is important for players that are suiting up for a game to be ready for any scenario that could be tossed in their direction. According to the camp coaching staff, "developing a mindset that is geared toward being game ready for the length of an entire fixture is what sets the elite players apart from the inferior players."

Each coach brings a different element to the table this week. Barea teaches player development on and off of the field by demonstrating the ability to improve player techniques. In his teachings, he also preaches the importance of game tactics.

Larralde oversees and assesses player development in soccer programs ranging from the youth level to the professional ranks. He acts and serves as a mentor and self-motivator to soccer players with the goal of helping them achieve their athletic and personal capabilities.

Martinez teaches the value of developing players social, mental, technical, and physical abilities. His work in player development gears strongly toward improving the attitudes and habits of individual soccer players. 

Conley, the camp director, provides insight and tips on the sport by assessing the game and its players through his 35 years of coaching knowledge. 

Garcia assesses player skill sets by preaching the techniques necessary for improving one's technical abilities on the field.

This elite lineup of coaches allows local soccer addicts to learn from some of the best that the game has to offer. The week long edition of camp gives each camper the opportunity to learn the various tactics and techniques necessary for improving one's development in the sport.

Implementing a new system of ideas could bring a healthy outlook to the game of soccer not only at the local level, but at the national level as well. By bringing these coaches aboard for the start of what could be a very promising camp at Finger Lakes CC for years to come, might just be what helps set its attendees apart from their peers who play the game. The team model that is being preached to these individuals throughout the five-day camp could prove to be the right recipe for their development within the game.

If year one of camp continues to receive positive reviews, look for Finger Lakes CC to be a summer destination in the month of August for aspiring young soccer players (both men and women).