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Finger Lakes Community College Athletics Mission Statement

The Finger Lakes Community College Athletic Program will function as an integral part of Finger Lakes Community College and the community, and will provide student athletes an environment that develops and promotes social, academic and athletic excellence.


“The more you sweat in practice, the less you will bleed in battle.”

-Author unknown.


Finger Lakes Community College Athletics Vision Statement

Finger Lakes Community College athletics will strive to develop the student athlete as a person, student and athlete with a focus on moral and social character. Our mission is to focus on the advancement of the individual and help each student athlete to become a lifelong learner. Our coaches and support staff are devoted to the improvement of the academic skills of each student athlete, the refinement of athletic abilities, and teaching self-discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork. Our program strives to instill the values of leadership and citizenship and provide each student athlete with the necessary resources to reach his or her maximum potential.

Finger Lakes Community College Athletics will be recognized as major a community resource for all sports at all levels in the Finger Lakes Region. Finger Lakes Community College athletics will provide exceptional value and benefit to the mission of College. The athletic department is committed to the utmost integrity through NJCAA rules compliance, fiscal responsibility and student-athlete personal development.